Feldenkrais method:

2016 last lesson: 15th Dec.
2017 first lesson:
12th January Jurányi
1027 Budapest, Jurányi u. 3.

Weekly classes:
Thursday evening
      18.00-19.30 am

Lessons in 2016 till 17th Dec.
You can join at any time, but please call me in advance.
Location: 1027 Budapest, Jurányi utca 3 (little “bell” icon at the gate), 4.floor.
(close to Széll Kálmán/Moszkva tér)

1027 Budapest, Jurányi u. 3.

You can join at any time. The lesson is given bilingual if a non Hungaian speaking comes.
Cost: 2000.- , 5 times ticket: 9000.- 10 times ticket: 17000.--

Registration/call::    Bárdos Adrienne: 06-20-962-1335 or


Body Mind in the City project:

lesson in English 24 th juni 2013.

Sense, Think and Move

We are taking our body and its movements for granted.
We only notice its existence when there is pain, any discomfort or a loss of function.
But we can sense and change the coordination and the movements in our body to feel more comfortable in everyday life in any functioning (from sitting at computer, standing, to playing an instrument or skiing, running).
The Feldenkrais method uses the intelligence of our body to improve its coordination, flexibility, and to find new possibilities and qualities in movement.
It teaches us to respect our body by the means of pure movement,sensation and finely tuned attention.
We observe the territory between intention and fulfillment: we live the movement itself with the relating sensation - instead of achievement, or imitation.

Moshe Feldenkrais

Moshe Feldenkrais innovated this sensomotoric learning method .
Engineer, doctor of physics and judoca, who wanted to make his injured knee function again.
He realized that first he had to think about his body not as an object but as a living, funtioning and self-regulating structure with many possibilities that can be observed through movement, through our senso-motoric system and attention.
He had a structural point of view, huge special knowledge about body, neurology, antropology, psychology, human functioning.
He had focused and open-mined questions that gave him access to the intelligence of the human body.

Awareness Through Movement lessons

We are said to be the master of ourselves.
Are we? Or can we be one? Or do we try to function as we should or by chance?
With the means of slow and little movements and with finely tuned, open-minded attention,we can.
In the Awareness Through Movement lessons you are offered movement sequences to try out, compare with each other and sense differences between more comfortable and less comfortable movements to tune your own movements.
You are free to explore and free to find your own ways of movement and being.
You can recover the existing and possible connections, the network of your body elements.
With the help of the teacher’s questions you can find more optimal ways to move and use more options and alternatives in movements, sensation and awareness.
You can learn how to handle "wrong" and painful movements or for example how you hold your back or shoulders and if there are other choices.
The classes improve sensation, coordination, flexibility and quality in movement, and the attention.
In this way it refreshes not only your body but your thoughts, and the way you think, offers new points of views.
The explorations are like putting together a multidimenzional puzzle.
As we are experiencing, exploring our body and movement on the first level we are dealing with the movement of our bones,body parts, joints.
But the real work is in our mind with the means of attention, awareness and presence.
While we are not to achieve something ideal, therefore we can experience safety (perhaps never been experienced) when nobody tells us what to sense and how to do something and we have chance to accept and live the moment.

Functional Integration

Private lesson. The Feldenkrais practitoner uses soft and nonintruding touch to help the client (clothed and mainly lying) find new ways of movement patterns, with less or no pain, with more effective coordination and with widened movement repertoir.
Helps the client sense his/her own body more, and get more aware of it and its possibilities.
It is a learning process.

About myself:

After graduation at the University of Arts and Humanities in Budapest I attended the first four year long Feldenkrais Professional Training Program in Vienna 1991-1995.
I have been teaching Feldenkrais lessons since 1995.
Still enthusiatic about the connection of mind and body, nervoussystem and intention and always finding new questions and answers and places to discover.
Now I am teaching group classes (ATM) at different locations in Budapest (see below) and giving private lessons (Functional Integration).
I am lecturing students of physiotherapy at the college of Medical University (SOTE).
In 2010 and 2011 at Contact-Budapest I was giving morning warm-up Feldenkrais lessons.
Working together with Kálmán Ferenc (BodyMind Centering) and Váradi Kata (Alexander technics) in „3 rower in one boat” on different topics in the territory of somatics.


If you want to listen to your own body and feel what is happening inside.
If you want to find easier movements and less pain.
If you like new and exciting point of views.
If you like inner freedom
      When you are not told how to do something, and what is the „ideal” way.
      When you are getting only questions – questions you would never think of –
            and you can find out your own answers.
      When you are OK having a conversation with your body instead of controlling it or train it.
If you are fed up with „objective”, habitual answer, and want some subjective realtime experience.
If you are living with pain in your motoric system (in back, knees, shoulders, neck etc).
If you want to improve your self and body awareness.
If you have tried out many technics and still looking for yours.
If you want to improve your performance in any artform (theatre, music, applied arts..)

My Feldenkrais lessons

Normally my classes are given in Hungarian. If an English speaking participant joins the class the lessons are held in Hungarian and in English. So both party can follow the lesson.

Adrienne Bárdos
Feldenkrais Practitoner
(Wien 1992-1995)